About us

We are pleased to introduce you to AKADEUS.

AKADEUS is a recruitment agency created in September 2009 whose core activity is to contact and assist in recruiting professors and professionals worldwide in the sector of Business and Management Schools.

The main purpose of AKADEUS results from the observation of the market of Business and Management Schools and its opportunities for development. Presently Business and Management Schools need - and in the coming years will continue to need teaching - academic and pedagogic research competences in all disciplines. In this context and being aware of these perspectives it seemed that the creation of a linking tool between Human Resources and Business Schools could only contribute positively and constructively to the organisation of this specific job market.

As a result of the work already performed, AKADEUS has a constantly updated portfolio of high-class professors and professionals (with both short and medium term availability) whose competences perfectly match the potential needs of Business Schools. Each day, the high-level candidate profiles of top ranked international Business and Management Schools enrich the database and contribute to its outstanding quality.

So whether you are seeking opportunities or competences, do not hesitate to join AKADEUS and benefit from its simple yet effective tools.



Your Akadeus Team